Quad Ski HISON

Quad Ski HISON


Hison Crosski amphi quad that turns into a marine-moto

Hison Crosski


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Certification:CE, EPA

Hison Watercraft is proud to announce their new product of the year 2015, this amphibian Crosski. Completely under your control.
With the engine stroke 1500 CC 4, the maximum speed of crosski reached 90 km / h on roads and 70 km / h on water. ..L'excellente Design crosski also includes the suspension-spring damping system composed of independent coil springs and shock absorbers.

Once on the water, when you make sure it's time to get a jet ski, you can simply press a button, the crosski wheels will rise automatically to become a jet ski!

Suzuki 4-cylinder engine type 4
Displacement 1500cc
Play Time 4:00
A maximum speed of 90 km / hour field
Maximum speed on the water 70 km / hour
6s Conversion time
Carburetor / Injection: EFI (ElectricFuel Injection)
Pump: axial flow, in one step
Transmission: Direct drive motor
Length 3.34m
1.60m Width
Height 1.36
Dry weight 610 kg
Passengers 1-2
Quadski classic color to red, yellow, blue, white, black



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